The last couple of days (weeks, months really) have been…eventful. My life is going in a different direction than I ever planned. And I am in a state of constant, painful flux. I had to drop a class late because I am spread too thin to function, and I feel guilty and ashamed. At this point, though, it was take a W or fail. I wish that professor answered emails. And I’m kind of glad that he doesn’t. But I feel like I’m in limbo right now. My fate is yet undecided. I need to finish school and start living my life. Grad school is draining the life and the passion out of me. It’s time to move on.

So I dropped a class. Because my sanity, and my passion are important to me. And I kept my job. Because building an empire requires funding. And I went to the gym today. Because I owe it to myself to commit to my wellness. And I wrote today. Because that’s the one and only thing I’ve always wanted to do.

One day at a time.