Last weekend, I went to my best friend’s bachelorette party at a local hot springs / spa and it was a magical experience. Here’s what I wrote about it:


Its strange to feel weightless, honestly

Stepping into the baths at the hot springs was nothing if not a spiritual experience

It was quiet there

Not the oppressive kind of quiet that hammers a stake into your skull until it fills you and robs you of your senses

It was peaceful. No beeping or talking, just the breeze dancing through the sleepy autumn trees

Dancing in your hair

Dancing in your soul

Try and settle into the bath and immediately the minerals take charge of your trajectory

You are not a human mass with will of your own

You are just a leaf, riding on the tender current

But still you’re not floating

Not until your insides cool and tingle

You expect to get cold but it’s not cold that’s coming

It’s freedom

More than just your fleshy prison

The love in the water, the minerals, the power

Wrap their arms around your heart, your soul

The heaviest parts of you

And lift them like a feather

A new set of wings

Tasting the sky for the first time