Happy Monday everybody!

I’m kind of at a loss of what to write about right now. I’m not feeling very well, emotionally or physically the last few days. My fiancĂ© suggested fessing up to not having any great ideas and writing about something I know. He’s right! What better to write about when I’m under the weather than my go-to comfort. My security blanket.

I don’t remember how long ago I started watching Bob’s Burgers. I’m pretty sure I kept seeing reaction GIFs on Tumblr and decided that I had to see it because it was referenced so often. (I have fallen in love with many TV shows this way, thanks Tumblr!) I didn’t care much for the first episode. Or the second. But my stalwart determination (and being generally too lazy to change what was playing on Netflix when the next episode was cued up so nicely) carried me through episode after episode and I found myself laughing and aaaaaw-ing every few minutes. I fell in love.

It’s a cartoon. It’s occasionally gross. A few of the jokes are questionable. But here’s the thing about the Belchers that so many of us fall in love with: they are a family that loves and supports each other through whatever mishaps and chaos they find themselves in. Bob and Linda are so much more in love than married couples we see on TV. The squabble and drive each other mad sometimes. But the punch line isn’t how much Bob hates being married and misses his freedom or how Linda is a stay at home nag resenting the children she cares for alone. They are a team and they find a way to make it through together.

The kids are hilarious, but they’re not a joke. Not only is Lina not resentful of her kids and the life they stole from her, Bob’s not a deadbeat dad who isn’t involved in the raising of his children. They are a tight-knit family. Both parents are supportive of whatever their kids get themselves into, from Tina’s Erotic Friendfiction to Gene’s musical genius, to Louise’s schemes and shenanigans, these kids have endless encouragement and support from their parents and each other. They are really growing up believing they can do or be anything.

I love this show. And somehow, over time, it became my security blanket. Can’t sleep? Put on Bob. Panic attack or severely depressed? Put on Bob. Don’t know what to watch for date night? Watch new Bob. A significant portion of the things that come out of my mouth are Bob’s Burgers references or quotes. (Fortunately I’ve found – or created – some wonderful people who speak the same language) I wondered for a long time why a cartoon would be my go-to when I was feeling down or afraid or anything else. But I really believe there is something about watching so much hope and love and laughter and togetherness in the face of everything that can raise even the heaviest spirits.